Tic Tac Desert Marathon – A return to the origins

The human journey over the world started in Africa. From there, our ancestors set out on the discovery of the planet. Different paths have shaped different destinies, and the sun handed out colors. Today, men and women form a rainbow on earth that has more colors than the one on the sky – but we are all emigrated Africans. It seems hard to believe that in this remote time, the entire world was our kingdom, a huge map without borders, and our legs were the only passport required. In this context, TIC TAC DESERT is an authentic race, an adventure, a challenge, and a unique sporting experience meant to challenge your legs by going back to our origins.

The Tic Tac Desert Marathon is a race, based on solidarity, and is open to anyone who is passionate about sports and looking for well-paced tracks.

Each of the 5 steps of the Tic Tac Desert is a discovery during which participants will challenge their mental and physical resistance, they will meet their limits and work on overcoming them. To make sure participants live this experience to the fullest, technical staff and volunteers will be traveling to Morocco for this race.

Our work is summarized in: Management – Timing – Results – Celebration – Our objectives:

  1. Promote thematic and solidarity sports.
  2. Create unique sports experiences and share the beauty of Moroccan landscapes through sport.
  3. Support social and humanitarian actions for the benefit of the most disadvantaged Moroccan community.

Do you want to listen to the Tic-Tacs in your heart in 5 exciting stages?

We look forward to seeing you from March 25th to 30th, 2020

Una vuelta a los orígenes